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All the features of Basic Plus:

  • Listing Receives "Featured" Status, making them stand out and sort higher in the search results than the basic free listings.
  • Removal of "Compare POS" lead form from listing.
  • Enhanced Description that allows enhanced text, images and links.
  • Social Media feeds for Facebook and Twitter can be changed to have your data feeds instead of ours.
  • Ability to add Featured Video.

We offer listings for both dealers and companies. if you’re a reseller of POS systems, then choose dealer.  If you are a company that makes POS systems, then choose company

Both Dealer and Company listings are available in Free and Premium. Premiums listings offer the following benefits:

  • Higher visibility than the free listing by showing higher in search results.
  • Removal of “Compare POS” lead form from listing.
  • The Request POS Quote button at the top of the listing can be customized. On Free listings that button links to our form, on premium listings you chose where it goes.
  • Change Facebook and Twitter Feeds! Free listings show the Twitter and Facebook feeds of POSUSA. Premium listings get to show their own feeds

The people behind POSUSA know SEO and Internet Marketing. Top POS companies pay us $200 plus per lead because we deliver results. Being able to have a premium listing on our site is worth thousands a year! But we are letting Dealers have that for only $299 and Companies at $499. 

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