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Dallas POS Systems Reviews

Submitted by Richard Matteson on 01/19/2016

Richard Matteson 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

It was time for our business to upgrade our POS system for 3 of our restaurants, after we have already done the same thing 3 times in the last 4 years. This next upgrade was going to be right near the original cost of the system itself…close to $20,000 with our existing dealer. This was reason enough to shop around for a better system. We never knew in our wildest dreams that we could get a great POS and excellent customer service as we had with Dallas POS Systems! The system offered by POS LAVU integrated the Apple iPad/iPhone/ I-anything into an efficient restaurant service need for our restaurant. What’s really cool is not that we use an iPad as our new terminals, but is that we can change and updates our menus on the terminals ourselves to fit our restaurant’s needs.

The customer service offered by Dallas POS Systems team of restaurant pros worked with our small
family restaurant from offering the products they install to the actual operations of the restaurant! The type of detail their team put into the installation of the new system exceeding our expectations. We were able to take advance of their knowledge of restaurant operations and efficiency to make our restaurant run even more effective as it has before! The normal response to good customer service would be to recommend Jason and his team…not only would we like to do that but the Burrito Express would also like to for their service.. They provided us a wonderful product that is can be used easily by everyone in our 30+ employee restaurant. Installation was simple as fast and was completed in a day’s work. We would highly recommend Dallas POS Systems.

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Point of Sale USA 5 stars rating.

We have worked with the team at Dallas POS System on many projects over the years. They are our go to POS dealer in the DFW area for customers who need a point of sale system. Not only are they good people to work with, but they offer quality POS solutions for restaurants, bars, retail stores, and small businesses at affordable prices. They go above and beyond to make sure you're happy with your POS system purchase. Highly recommend them as POS specialists.

Submitted by Point Of Sale Usa on 10/29/2018

Jim Malnar 5 stars rating.

I worked with Dallas POS Systems on some restaurant POS installations in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. This POS company and their point of sale specialists are very professional and knowledgeable about restaurant POS solutions. I was very pleased with the level of service and support provided by Dallas POS and I can highly recommend them.

Submitted by Jim Malnar on 10/29/2018

ABC Chambers 5 stars rating.

Very professional experience. The team at Dallas POS Systems exceeded our expectations. We compared a bunch of different point of sale systems, but we are very happy with our new system. We are glad we decided to go with Dallas POS for our business.

Submitted by Abc Chambers on 01/19/2017

VFW 7843 5 stars rating.

Submitted by Vfw 7843 on 01/17/2017

David Riewe 5 stars rating.

I've know the owners of Dallas POS System for over 20 years and know of a few establishments that are their customers in the North Texas area. Their level of expertise and customer service is second to none. If you are looking for a quality POS system then I highly recommend Dallas POS System.

Submitted by David Riewe on 12/22/2016

Houston Restaurant Technology POS Systems 5 stars rating.

We are colleagues of Dallas POS Systems based in Houston, TX. I've known the owner for years and we've worked on many projects together. I can tell you that these are stand up guys and they provide great products and service to their customers. It's easy to overlook the value a POS reseller can bring to the table and the team are Dallas POS are among the best in the biz. You're in good hands with this point of sale company.

Submitted by Houston Restaurant Technology Pos Systems on 11/29/2016

Raphael Tuttle 5 stars rating.

It's so rare to find a company these days with amazing customer service! Dallas POS Systems completely organised our merchant processing for our restaurant and all our regular customers love the convenience of how everything is set up now.

Submitted by Raphael Tuttle on 01/20/2016

Kevin Kenealy 5 stars rating.

I've known the owners of Dallas POS Systems for many years. I've helped them with numerous websites and local business advertising through my internet marketing company. I do websites and internet marketing for restaurants in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Metroplex. I always recommend their pos system and services to my clients who need restaurant POS systems and credit card services. They are stand up guys and I highly recommend their professional services. They are incredibly skilled with technology and in the restaurant world. This is a smart company you can rely on for both POS systems and merchant services.

Submitted by Kevin Kenealy on 01/18/2016

Kevin Martin 5 stars rating.

I'm in the credit card processing and merchant services industry. I've worked with the owner of Dallas POS Systems for over 4 years and would not hesitate for one second to recommend their pos system products and services. I've referred Dallas POS Systems to many of my customers in need of a pos system for their restaurants and they have always over delivered and provide amazing service. Their main product is Lavu, which is an iPad POS system, but have other systems as well. Lavu is cost effective for my customers and they love the ease of use and seamless integration with my card services.

Submitted by Kevin Martin on 01/13/2016