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Dr. Quick Books, Inc. Reviews

Submitted by Jonathan Zinsmeyer on 02/20/2014

Jonathan Zinsmeyer 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

keith is very patient and knowledgable when it comes to quickbooks and quickbooks online. I thought his methodical approach to teaching was the key to us picking up so quickly the new software. Thank you Keith for the time you spent with my wife and I at our house.

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Kim Beauchamp 5 stars rating.

What I like about working under Keith Gormezano of Dr. Quick Books, Inc. as a QuickBooks Solution Provider formerly known as Intuit Premier Reseller is that in in the five and a half years I have worked with him is that (1) he passes on 90% of my commissions, residuals, and bounties instead of 50-75% like other resellers who get paid more money by Intuit; (2) he pays with five business days after being paid by Intuit; (3) he has passed on lucrative Enterprise leads rather than keep them for himself (my sales income has doubled since the time I started working with him); (4) he has given me four QBO bookkeeping clients in the last month; (5) he sends out regular price sheets, sales suggestions, and e-mail copy for products that I sell which means I don’t have to figure out what to say to my clients; and (6) he is available to remotely answer questions and bounce ideas off him even though we are three time zones apart and on several occasions, he has recommended not to sell an commission-eligible product to a client. One time, when I asked him why he was so generous with passing through my earnings, he replied “You did the work, Kim, you should keep it except for a reasonable amount to cover my unbillable time and taxes.”

Submitted by Kim Beauchamp on 07/31/2022

Wendy H 5 stars rating.

Such a relief! I left numerous emails, voicemails and online inquiries and Keith was the only person to respond. I thought our books were hopeless and that our session would be fruitless, but Keith solved everything and showed me how to avoid issues in the future. I slept like a baby after the books balanced that night and I am very grateful for his wisdom and patience. I would highly recommend him for anyone struggling with a start-up.

Submitted by Wendy H on 02/18/2022

Cheryl Stroschein 5 stars rating.

Keith answered all of my questions on QuickBooks POS. His details and suggestion that were very, very helpful.

Submitted by Cheryl Stroschein on 05/23/2018

Joe Hage 5 stars rating.

When I dropped my computer and lost all my files (except one Accountant's QBX version), neither the QuickBooks online assistant nor my accountant could figure out how to let me back into my account.

So I called Keith.

And 10 minutes later, my business was restored. It may have been a "simple task" for some, but I had invested three hours with two other professionals and neither could assist me.

I'm indebted.

Submitted by Joe Hage on 06/13/2014