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Electronic Merchant Systems Reviews

Submitted by Lurline Logan on 03/24/2021

Lurline Logan 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

We are a locally own and operated used car dealership and we have been dealing with Electronic Merchant Systems for 6 years. Our agent, Ronnie, is the best. He makes us feel appreciated, and he is always available. Whenever there is a problem, we call him and if it is not something he can resolve over the phone, within an hour or so he is at our office in person to resolve the issue. He goes above and beyond. The customer service, this young man provides is very rare in today's society. Over the years we have been approach by many other Credit Card Processing companies but we would not even consider changing company.
I would recommend this business to anyone. Thank you EMS. Dealing with your staff give us peace of mind.

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silva khatchadrian 5 stars rating.

The best customer service I have ever received! Call backs in under 10 mins. Attentive sales reps. Highly recommend

Submitted by Silva Khatchadrian on 08/04/2022

Steven Le 4 stars rating.

Every single time I call, I get sent to voicemail.
I’ve called multiple times this week, I have 3 businesses to run and a newborn so I don’t have time to sit in my phone and go back and forth on hold for hours on end.
After going back and forth for over a year, all while being charged $129 monthly, and recently $1129 for whatever reason on top of the monthly charge.
I was told I would receive a full reimbursement because my application was mishandled by ELECTRONIC MERCHANT SYSTEMS, and the charges I received are incorrect due to an error on this company’s mistake, not mines. The supervisor admitted and confirmed that it was a mistake, apologized, and said I would received full reimbursement in a few business days due to this mishap.
I get an email saying I will only receive $129 reimbursement after speaking to a senior supervisor confirming I will get full reimbursement due to a mistake from EMS Corporate.
This is my final time of reaching out through telephone and email to get the full reimbursement I was told I would receive.
My attorney will be reaching out if this is not fully resolved as I told it would be within the next 3-5 business days.


Update as of 7/18/2022
Situation was solved 7/11/2022, thank you to Jim customer service supervisor for expediting this situation, and cutting out the 3rd party company to work with them directly.

Submitted by Steven Le on 07/26/2022

Richard McNary 5 stars rating.

Customer service was great with a very friendly and helpful associate who I believe was named Heather. Worked with me until my sign in issues were fixed and understood my frustration when I was not able to sign in. Couldn't have been better!

Submitted by Richard Mcnary on 07/25/2022

Rashaad Singleton 5 stars rating.

I’m truly grateful for this platform. The assistance that Mike took with me made me feel important and valuable. He was patient and completely professional. As someone who doesn’t write many reviews I HAD to write this one. Ask for Mike, he won’t let you down. Thanks my friend!! Mike and EMS is the best!

Submitted by Rashaad Singleton on 07/16/2022

Farrar Financial Group 5 stars rating.

Thomas Murawski is the absolute best. I have worked with him for years and his professionalism is amazing. He's work ethic and customer service is STELLAR. I want it to be known how wonderful he is.

Submitted by Farrar Financial Group on 05/13/2022

Peter Klacik 5 stars rating.

Klacik heating & cooling has been with ems for a few yrs now. Angie adkins had her assistant Debbie called me just to say they reviewed my account and could save money without being prompted or anything. What great customer service.

Submitted by Peter Klacik on 04/18/2022

Windfall Gallery 5 stars rating.

I use the MaxxPay System for inventory management and processing sales. I've been very happy with the system. I was able to customize it to fit my exact needs. Whenever I have a question, Dan & Joanne are great at following through and always finding me an answer.

Submitted by Windfall Gallery on 04/09/2022

Anna Mignogna 2 stars rating.

I am having trouble with my card reader still after 3 weeks. The women who I am working with is very friendly so I would rate her service higher then 2 stars but the overall service of the company is very poor. They sent me a new machine and expected me to replace it and have UPS wait while I did which did not work. They are at a complete loss over the issue so my business was just left in limbo with the problem still going on.

Submitted by Anna Mignogna on 04/06/2022

Industrial Depot 1 stars rating.

This company has questionable practices. Our account was auto-approved and I was later asked to submit additional documentation. After arranging all the requested documents, the inept underwriting department blocked our email and closed the account for no reason. I would not trust or do business with this company. I recommend going with a more trusted processor.

Submitted by Industrial Depot on 03/31/2022

Ron Carver 5 stars rating.

Tigers Den in Galion Ohio we recently became merchants of EMS cause of the great rates and customer service. Big shout out to Angie Adkins for getting us all set up. She was very friendly, helpful thank you for all your help.

Submitted by Ron Carver on 03/29/2022

Nicholas Panebianco 5 stars rating.

Never had a credit card processing company actually care about me as an individual and as a small and struggling business trying to get off the ground. These guys rule! Highly recommend!

Submitted by Nicholas Panebianco on 03/27/2022

Cindy Blackwelder 5 stars rating.

I was contacted by Jim Connor regarding needing my reserve funds released a little early. He was so kind and understanding with my emergency situation. He went to bat for me, and was able to get half of my funds released. They were mailed out the next day, never have I had such great support from any credit card processor. I am truly grateful and appreciate Jim so much.
Thank you
Cindy Blackwelder

Submitted by Cindy Blackwelder on 03/09/2022

Chef LoveChunks 5 stars rating.

I was contacted by Jim Connor regarding needing my reserve funds released a little early. He was so kind and understanding with my emergency situation. He went to bat for me, and was able to get half of my funds released. They were mailed out the next day, never have I had such great support from any credit card processor. I am truly grateful and appreciate Jim so much.
Thank you
Cindy Blackwelder

Submitted by Chef Lovechunks on 03/09/2022

Bill Kotraba 4 stars rating.

Enrolling was a little cumbersome I think because I was timed out a couple of times while completing the application and some of the questions really didn't align with our organizational structure a 501(C)8 (Fraternal Services Organization) .... However once we were accepted the customer service has been excellent. Everyone had suggestions on how to deal with my 'issues' and were very patient as sometimes I could not initially follow their guidance. The transaction processing rate is great and monthly maintenance fee of $5 is very reasonable. For small businesses or other types of service groups I would recommend you consider them for your processing your organizatons cr/db transactions.

Submitted by Bill Kotraba on 02/26/2022

Brandi 1 stars rating.

I would give this business a negative rate . They are the most screwed up company . They told me not to worry about my remaining amount due on my old credit card processor company .my sales rep told me not to pay nothing and once they sent their part in then we will have to pay remaining . Instead she didnt know what she talking about now it's in collections . And she also told me she would take care of my p.c.i compliance and she didnt then they charged us for something she told me she would do . And not mention I told her we didnt have internet and she gave us a internet processor took is 3 months to even get right card machine . I would advise anyone that cares about their company not to go through this company .

Submitted by Brandi on 02/25/2022

George Kane 5 stars rating.

The customer service tech was very knowledgeable and solved my concerns. He took the time to explain exactly what had happened and how to fix it. Very pleased with the assistance.

Submitted by George Kane on 02/19/2022

JB H 5 stars rating.

We just transferred over to EMS which the process was quite simple and they pointed out charges that were extra from our prior company. Once a few months goes by we will see our savings. Mark was our salesman and installer and he went above and beyond for us. Which you don't see lately with any customer service. Highly recommend.

Submitted by Jb H on 02/16/2022

Annie Girault 1 stars rating.

Horrible experience! I literally never ever would do a bad review because I am not a negative person but for this I think I should share my experience. If I can give them a negative 10 I would. I felt very attacked by this company and their risk management. After they approved me they had a stranger come into to my home and take photos of where I live and work. Then they decided to randomly close my account. They claim that I sell knock offs. Meanwhile here are my clothes and it’s illegal to sell knock offs in the US and on SHOPIFY. It’s crazy how they can make such accusations. Obviously I am being attacked.

Submitted by Annie Girault on 02/15/2022

Ron Prosky 5 stars rating.

I came on board with them 2 1/2 years ago. I had poor credit and they were willing to take a chance with me. Today they gave me some good news regarding my rates and reserve fund and I am very appreciative. It's always a good feeling working with a service provider that cares about its small customers as much as they do about the big ones.

Submitted by Ron Prosky on 12/09/2021

Marie 4 stars rating.

I have only had great experiences with this company. Sometimes, though, they have a hard time understanding my issues, but in the end we always get them resolved.

Keep up the good work.

Submitted by Marie on 11/18/2021

Lori Hathaway 5 stars rating.

Thank you Angie and company of EMS! She explained about their credit card services vs other credit card services. She looked over our previous credit card statements with other companies and got us a better rate fee than we previously had. She was so easy to work with. She told me what she could do for our company. (lower rates, a great credit card terminal, hook up and training on the new credit card terminal and also took care of our PCI Compliance) She delivered all that and was pleasant and caring too. Everyone that I talked with at EMS were pleasant and caring. We were told from our previous credit card merchant that we would have to pay $795 because we terminated early. Angie sent me information that showed I should only have to pay $295. Don, the owner of EMS, also called and assured me that information was correct. He said if I had any problems with my previous merchant company to let him know and he would help me. I sent that information to my previous credit card merchant and they agreed. Only $295. EMS reimburses up to $300, so I ended up paying nothing. What a great company EMS, thank you! :)

Submitted by Lori Hathaway on 03/29/2021

Nadine Carmon 5 stars rating.

I use this company for my ministry and they have been very helpful. They help me stay up with all of the compliance requirements. Being a local company, they are quick to help me with any questions I may have. In conjunction to matching their competitors rates, they provide me with free paper. These reasons, amongst many more, is the reason I have done business with them for 8 years and will stay will them as I expand my ministry to several other locations

Submitted by Nadine Carmon on 03/24/2021

Richard Friedberg 5 stars rating.

My recent experience with a tech person from EMS was excellent. He efficiently resolved my issue. My occasional needs to contact EMS are always met with professionalism and no wait times. I don't hesitate to recommend EMS to other businesses looking for a competent and competitively-priced processor.

Submitted by Richard Friedberg on 03/17/2021

Busch Automotive 5 stars rating.

My in-laws had EMS while they had their auto repair shop and when they retired and we opened up shop we decided to give EMS a chance as well. They have been very helpful and have been helpful. They expedited a new machine so we could have it first day of business at the beginning of the new year. I have had to call in several times to the help line once I had the new machine set up and they all were helpful and pleasant to deal with. So far very good!! And my in-laws had them for a number of years as well.

Submitted by Busch Automotive on 01/14/2021