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Submitted by Temple Of The Dog on 06/29/2021

Temple of the Dog 1 stars rating.

Overall Rating

DO NOT USE THIS POS SYSTEM!!! They can't even set it up to run properly on your system. (Installed on a BRAN NEW PC) there is no manual, no instruction, and ZERO tech support!!! When you have a problem, you have to ride them to do something about it, and they still ignore you!! They will even delete the support calls and make it seem like you haven't been contacting them at all!!! USE ANY OTHER SYSTEM BUT THIS ONE!!!

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Ali Khokhar 1 stars rating.

Beware of this company. They will make sure to take every single dollar out of you until they run you to the ground. Stay as far away as possible from them. Even though I was with them for 5 years, i regret being with them for this long. Their software is buggy, their tech support is average and their customer support is absolutely garbage. You would rather spend your money somewhere else

Submitted by Ali Khokhar on 01/26/2022

Michelle Nichols 1 stars rating.

We've been using this system for many years and we STILL have to call constantly because things aren't working properly. Do not purchase if you plan to integrate with QuickBooks Online! Also, one tech guy will work on something and then something else goes wrong. Then the next tech guy will undo what the last guy did and other things will go wrong. They are Not on the same page, and no one actually fixes things properly. This system is VERY frustrating and I'm finally planning to switch.

Submitted by Michelle Nichols on 01/25/2022

Jessica Warner 5 stars rating.

Awesome system to use and great people to work with! Highly recommend for any retailer but really appreciate their dedication to us "mom and pop" businesses.

Submitted by Jessica Warner on 12/28/2021

Curtis Lepp 2 stars rating.

You will be on hold for at least 30 mins waiting to service your POS station.

Submitted by Curtis Lepp on 07/10/2017