Par Technology is a hospitality technology provider based in New Hartford, New York. The company is currently traded on the New York Stock Exchange and has won multiple awards for its various technology products. Par Technology offers a cloud-based POS system that can also be partnered with in-house merchant services, hardware, and other products.  

Par Technology offers a user-friendly point of sale platform that allows you to control every part of your restaurant. You can build fully customized menus, track inventory, access data on-the-go, manage multiple orders, split tabs, add your own branding, and more. The system is fully integrated, which means you can change or update all terminals and storefronts at the same time.  

The other integrations and services available through Par Technology can help you swiftly upgrade this platform. You can integrate your own payment processor using the Par Technology merchant services -- it even offers contactless and chip payment. In terms of third-party integrations, you'll find a long list of third-party services that can help with everything from employee scheduling to food costing.  

Par Technology offers a range of its own hardware devices to its users. You can purchase terminals, tablets, and traditional POS hardware devices directly through Par Technology.  

While you won't find any of Par Technology's pricing information available online, you can schedule a free demo of the software by heading to the company's website.

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