Revel Systems is an Atlanta-based point of sale company that offers platforms for both retail and hospitality customers. As a company, Revel Systems first began providing POS technology to customers in 2010 -- a private equity firm now owns the business. The Revel Systems platform is 'touchscreen' and built entirely for iPad users.   Revel Systems is based around a simple, intuitive design that allows users to adapt to the system quickly. There are extensive features in place to help with a broad range of sub-niches. You'll find features for traditional restaurants, bars, pizza shops, quick-service eateries, and retail stores.   Aside from efficiently managing large transactions and processing payments, you'll also be able to track inventory and keep tabs on reporting data. There's an extensive backend to the Revel Systems platform that provides you with a dashboard view of your company's reporting information.   Revel Systems also has compatibility with tons of different third-party integrations. You can upgrade this system easily by using add-ons for loyalty programs, gift cards, eCommerce, and more. You can also integrate the system with various payment processing platforms -- you won't be stuck with a single provider.   Revel Systems pricing starts at $99 per month, but you may be required to sign up for multiple locations to take advantage of this pricing. You can also access software and hardware installation for an additional cost.

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