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Submitted by Jerry on 06/05/2024

Pathetic service

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Awful service. Pathetic quality of equipment. Very expensive. Terrible customer service Additional charges for call out service. Very sleazy Would never recommend 

Submitted by Jack Jones on 06/05/2024

Ali Deway 5 stars rating.

Great group to work with! They are problem solvers and know their products inside and out.

Submitted by Ali Deway on 07/19/2022

Johnny Williams 5 stars rating.

Since day one, these guys have been professional, knowledgeable, communicative, and personable. As a long-time service industry worker, I can say that the intuitive nature of Union, coupled with the 24/7 live support, functionality of the system as a whole, make it a blessing for any business, large or small. Do yourself a favor, and give Union a call to see what they can do for you!

Submitted by Johnny Williams on 03/05/2021

Jimmy Williams 5 stars rating.

We can't stress enough how happy we are with Union POS!!! The customer service from top to bottom is unparalleled. The entire system was built 100% customized to the needs of our restaurant/bar. They flew their Networking Specialist into our little hometown to personally create networking layout, install, and test everything. He showed up super early and had the entire system ready for operation by our normal dinner hours sameday. Then he waited to make sure all batch and system z's went smoothly. Plus 24/7 support from a center in Texas...NOT some far off foreign land that make simple communication the focus of the call. We have had 3 different POS systems in our venue over the years, an this isn't normal!!!! THIS IS UNION!!! We thank you, we look forward to a long and growing relationship, and we are SUPER STOKED to get TABBED OUT up and running. If you don't know what TABBED OUT is, give it a Google. Complete game changer...especially in today's environment. Oh yeah, UNION is also one of the most competitively priced systems out there.

Submitted by Jimmy Williams on 03/04/2021

kara Murray 5 stars rating.

We switched to UNION a few months ago and I absolutely love it! Over the years I’ve used many different POS systems and UNION is by far the most user friendly. From and employee perspective on the front of house end it’s simple, mistakes are easily fixable, and there are a lot of features I’ve never seen any other system have. As far as back of house goes from a managers perspective it’s also the easiest system I’ve ever used. Any time I need to find a report or information it is pretty easy to figure out on my own. Plus they have online “how to” videos in the manager portal if you find yourself stuck. Overall the system is pretty amazing. I also need to give a shout out to UNIONs Networking guy Noel. He helped us basically redo our entire network and wireless set up and now the internet runs perfectly on all of our different platforms. Any time I do have a question about something he responds almost immediately every time even when he’s busy with something else. Really everyone on the UNION team I’ve had to reach out to has been super helpful. Definitely recommend anyone looking to switch their pos system consider UNION and all it has to offer.

Submitted by Kara Murray on 03/03/2021

Jimmy Stone 5 stars rating.

We had Union installed in our bar in Seattle last year and everyone loves it. Even customers mention how nice it looks. It uses IPads so it’s just like using your phone for everything. Makes it super easy and the staff learned it quick. Great purchase!

Submitted by Jimmy Stone on 02/28/2021

Kevin Hibbs 1 stars rating.

Submitted by Kevin Hibbs on 09/07/2020

Kyle Adams 1 stars rating.

I purchased a Union POS and I want to return it. It's honestly the one of the worst systems I have ever used. It records sales the moment a ticket is made, not when money is taken. So, if I open a ticket one day and close it the next, it records a sale with no money one day and money with no sale the next.
It does not report credit card batches correctly. Some batches will appear in my account correctly, while most are partial batches, in no discernible order, up to 6 days after payment was taken.
The customer app which allows credit card customers to close their own tab, does not work.
There is no way to know how much cash you should have at the end of the day, unless you manually run a report at the end of EVERY day. Even then, the back office, End of Day Report, and server checkouts, do not always match.

Submitted by Kyle Adams on 02/12/2020

Art X 5 stars rating.

Makes paying the tab quick and easy. No need to wait in line. Every place should have it.

Submitted by Art X on 02/11/2020

Christi Engle 5 stars rating.

I love the system! It’s lightning fast with 24/7 live support. Zero downtime and amazing tools. Great job Union! I would recommend you to any high volume bar/restaurant

Submitted by Christi Engle on 02/07/2020

Stephanie Coulter 5 stars rating.

Submitted by Stephanie Coulter on 01/10/2020

Jennifer Teramoto 1 stars rating.

Submitted by Jennifer Teramoto on 03/07/2019

Andrew Saunders 5 stars rating.

Love it! Super fast, easy and a great support team! Hearts

Submitted by Andrew Saunders on 08/27/2018

Mr. Russell Davis 5 stars rating.

This is the perfect system for high volume bar environments. It is extremely comprehensive with support like none other. I own a bar and everyone on my staff from bartenders to managers love it.

Submitted by Mr. Russell Davis on 08/22/2018

Chip Tait 5 stars rating.

As a 40-year bar/venue professional, I’ve never used a better POS system. Make it happen.

Submitted by Chip Tait on 08/18/2018

William Ball 5 stars rating.

Union has an amazing point of sale system - lighting fast, intuitive interface, incredible customer service and the cheapest transaction fees on the market. What more could you want?

Submitted by William Ball on 12/12/2017

Charlie Bucket 1 stars rating.

Submitted by Charlie Bucket on 12/08/2017