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With so many world-class POS systems in Chicago, it’s essential to carefully compare the market and choose the best point of sale software for your business. At, we simplify this process by offering a free-to-use directory that hosts the critical details of all POS companies in the city. If you’re a current or future business owner in Chicago, a point of sale solution can completely revolutionize the way you conduct business. Features that include performance trackers, staff managers, report builders, and other tools can help you take your business to the next level.  Assess your options and purchase the best Chicago POS system that will provide you with the tools you need to succeed. Complete form to get started now.

About Business in Chicago, IL

Chicago is the third-largest city in the country and acts as the financial hub of the Midwest. While the city isn’t as internationally-known as New York City, Americans recognize it as one of the country’s most thriving metropolises. Traditionally a trading post in the 1900s, Chicago now has one of the most diverse economies in the nation.

The city of Chicago contains over 230,000 small businesses in its metro area. While the city is known for its services-based economy, it also plays home to over 7,000 restaurants. The city doesn’t yet rival New York in terms of culinary prowess, but it’s still a major contender when you compare it against other top metro areas in the country.

Restaurant owners in Chicago utilize a broad range of point of sale technologies to improve operations and streamline sales. Modern POS solutions allow for increased efficiency, quick transactions, and a host of external integrations that provide payment flexibility and extensive add-ons to users.

At present, Chicago continues to boast a low unemployment rate and robust job creation statistics. With a strong economy that has been recently boosted by tech and other skilled sectors, the future looks bright for the country’s third-largest city. If you’re looking to invest in a new business in Chicago, the economic indicators are pointing in the right direction.

The city’s culinary scene is open for exploration, and residents within the area are particularly open to new ideas and concepts. If you’re hoping to start a new business, our platform offers point of sale information on Chicago’s top POS dealers, POS resellers, POS vendors, and POS companies. It’s time to see what a new Chicago POS system can do for your small business.

Supported POS Software in Chicago, IL

Chicago is a city that contains a broad range of industries and niches. While POS systems are most commonly associated with hospitality businesses, they can also help a host of other business types. By using technology in your small business, you’ll be able to access features and capabilities outside of your current business operations.

Additionally, you can also access POS software that offers bespoke features and processes for different types of business. Below, let’s take a look at the type of companies that can benefit from POS systems on our list:

  • Online Ordering, Take-Out, Delivery
  • Restaurants – Casual, Fine Dining
  • Restaurant – Fast Food, Quick-Serve
  • Hospitality
  • Bars, Nightclubs
  • Pubs, Brewery
  • Coffee Shops
  • Pizza Shops
  • Bakery, Cafes, Ice Cream
  • Apparel, Clothing Store, Footwear
  • Antiques, Art, Jewelry, Consignment
  • Building, Garden, Industrial
  • Cannabis
  • Convenience Store, C Store
  • Electronics, Appliances
  • Florist, Flower Shop
  • Furniture, Home Decor
  • Gas Station
  • Grocery, Supermarket
  • Hotel, Inn
  • Liquor Store, Wine
  • Hair Salon, Nail Salon, Spa
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Auto Repair, Auto Supply, Car Wash
  • Sporting Goods, Golf Clubs
  • Wireless, Cellular
  • Gift Store, Other Retail