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Submitted by Sang Park on 11/10/2021

sang park 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Nothing but the best processor we have ever dealt with . Always in top of all issues and best rates and service in the business . We have multiple locations and will be using in all . Bryan is amazing and knows his stuff . Personal touch , old school service , so impressed with him , Try them out you will be soooooooooo happy .

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Robin Kearns 5 stars rating.

Five Stars all the way. Bryan is on the ball. Too many Merchant
CC processors have plied on fees, fees, and more fees and become
apathetic to assist their small business clients. Bryan ALWAYS
responds promptly and my business is now operating trouble free.

Submitted by Robin Kearns on 02/03/2023

Hak Wong 5 stars rating.

My medical clinic have used The Credit Card Guy so long I lost track, 7 year off the top of my head? We usually don't have problems with the service. But when we do, like glitches with the terminal, or rarely, my employees' mistakes happened. I can count on Bryan Lee to go out of his way to help. And I'm thankful. The last thing I want to deal with is payment problems when there is an office to run

Submitted by Hak Wong on 07/22/2022

RICHARD GREEN 5 stars rating.

The Credit Card Guy helped me so much because I'm 100 percent hearing losses. My old provider , I un-able get helped for my issues what needed. Brain didn't mind to texting me instead used RELAY calls which saved me 75 percentage time in texting with Brayn, I took Brayn and his lovly wife out to Beverly Hills thr Steak house because they both have a very good warm heart to me and my wife Jasmine. Jasmine is hearing losses, she un able contact the old provider in relay calla, the old probider got hang up and Bryan save us money!!
And they helped us to set up Our Shop Rejoy's Pet Grooming un answering machine, and they will help us set up ctv apps for out shop, Bryant made several phone calls for Spectrum, CTV Company, they know we un able use phone!
The Credit Card Guy very well care Rejoy's Pet Grooming.
I rated Five Stars.
Please try The Credit Card Guy!
We loved their Best services we ever had!! We very Happy the Credit Card Guy!!!

Submitted by Richard Green on 07/21/2022

manuel saucedo 5 stars rating.

Bryan is very patient and helps full with all my merchant needs to my business . I been with his company for over 15 years and I been 100 percent satisfied with his services ! I highly recommend him for any of your business needs!

Submitted by Manuel Saucedo on 02/19/2021

Bryann Cucufate 5 stars rating.

Working with the Credit Card Guy has made my business extremely efficient. Recently, I was able to reduce my credit card processing cost by 10% by switching with BL. Bryan is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to new products and services that are coming to market, which allow my business to stay ahead of the game. Just got signing up with a new checkout service that is going to work like a charm! All made possible by Credit Card Guy services. If you are looking for more than just processing, and someone who is going to partner with your business to help make it grow, then look no further folks, there is a new Credit Card guy in town! ????

Submitted by Bryann Cucufate on 02/17/2021

Lisa Lugo 5 stars rating.

This company is the most Amazing credit card company I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I’ve had 4 businesses & have used at least 5 different credit card processors. This one so far has been the most reliable, convenient, & provides the best service hand down. I’m hard to impress & they Surpassed my expectations. Bryan is top notch. So happy I found them.

Submitted by Lisa Lugo on 08/09/2019

Urban Social 5 stars rating.

Bryan is the best merchant rep I’ve ever met. His company has provided me with excellent service. He set me up with not only a terminal myself and staff really love but the software he introduced us to for the business is fantastic! If your looking for a company you can trust & rely on this is the one!

Submitted by Urban Social on 08/09/2019

Enrique Lopez 5 stars rating.

Bryan and his team are a great group. His office saves my business $4500 per year. The transactions are super fast. 2 seconds. Highly recommend him.

Rick Lopez
Coffee House Cafe
Downtown L.A.

Submitted by Enrique Lopez on 06/27/2019

Giselle Reyes 5 stars rating.

Brian has such great customer service, I don’t think we’ve ever had anyone be as loyal and helpful as him. He has great product and he is there to help at every step of the way, he also has a variety of options to chose from and he makes it so easy to manage a POS system. We are so grateful for his services and would highly recommend his services for anyone looking for a stress free POS search/ installation. Also we noticed so many clients that came into our taco shop and they knew him already and appreciate him!

Submitted by Giselle Reyes on 05/09/2019