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If you’re searching for a new point of sale system in Boston that can help you increase revenue and automate mundane tasks, has the internet’s most extensive database of POS companies and POS resellers. Modern point of sale solutions are perfect for Boston companies that want to upgrade their capabilities and grow business. Our platform allows you to compare pricing, features, add-ons, and a variety of other point-of-sale elements. It’s the perfect resource if you need to find the best POS software in Boston. Complete form now to compare prices fast!

About Business in Boston, MA

Boston is the largest city in the state of Massachusetts and played home to many of the country’s first historic events. While Boston isn’t as large as other major cities in the Northeast, it still has a reputation for being one of the United States’ most famous metropolises. The city is popular with residents and tourists that visit from around the world.   

Despite only being the 21st largest city in the United States, Boston is the sixth-largest economy in the country. Many of the nation’s largest companies have headquarters in the city, and the local economy also benefits from its proximity to some of the nation’s most reputable educational institutions, such as Harvard University.   

While education, medical, and professional services dominate the economy, there are also thousands of small businesses that thrive in the area. At present, there are estimated to be over 40,000 small businesses operating inside the city of Boston. While business types and industries vary, there’s no doubting that tourism, restaurants, and bars have a considerable influence throughout the metro area.    

Boston has some of the country’s most famous restaurants and bars. If you like seafood, this is undoubtedly an area of the country that is known for its shellfish and other ocean delicacies. 

Regardless of what type of business you want to buy or start in Boston, it’s critical to choose the right Boston POS solution. As thousands of other business owners in the Boston area take advantage of advanced point of sale technology, using an outdated system is costing you money. Assess the core features you’re searching for in a POS software product, and use our directory to find the best point of sale companies in Boston.  

Supported POS Software in Boston, MA

It’s not just retail and hospitality businesses that can benefit from Boston point of sale technology. Whether you run a medical clinic or a car washing business, there are unique POS software features that can help you improve your business. By automating payments, staff management, accounting, and other core operations, you can take a step back and focus on the components of your business that matter to you most.   

If you want to see which businesses in Boston are currently being supported by modern point of sale solutions, check out our list of supported business types below: 

  • Online Ordering, Take-Out, Delivery
  • Restaurants – Casual, Fine Dining
  • Restaurant – Fast Food, Quick-Serve
  • Hospitality
  • Bars, Nightclubs
  • Pubs, Brewery
  • Coffee Shops
  • Pizza Shops
  • Bakery, Cafes, Ice Cream
  • Apparel, Clothing Store, Footwear
  • Antiques, Art, Jewelry, Consignment
  • Building, Garden, Industrial
  • Cannabis
  • Convenience Store, C Store
  • Electronics, Appliances
  • Florist, Flower Shop
  • Furniture, Home Decor
  • Gas Station
  • Grocery, Supermarket
  • Hotel, Inn
  • Liquor Store, Wine
  • Hair Salon, Nail Salon, Spa
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Auto Repair, Auto Supply, Car Wash
  • Sporting Goods, Golf Clubs
  • Wireless, Cellular
  • Gift Store, Other Retail